The Pipeline Association of the Northwest (PANW) is comprised of 15 pipeline operators in Idaho, Oregon and Washington who are offering FREE pipeline emergency response training (click here to access the member directory).

Experienced hazmat instructors are available to provide FREE day, evening, or weekend training. Sessions last 2-3 hours and involve interactive exercises customized for your location. Local pipeline operator personnel will be there to provide specific information about their facilities and response capabilities.  The training will cover hazmat response, meters, and command center coordination. 

Training sessions are scheduled upon request.  Please click on the button below to submit a request.

If you have additional questions or are just looking for more information, please email us at: or click on the blue button below to watch the 20-minute training video.

ID, OR, and WA agencies submitting new or updated capabilities information this year will be entered into a drawing for a $5,000 Agency Grant.  The drawing will be held next January and the funds will be distributed shortly thereafter.  There are no administrative conditions on this grant and it may be used for any purpose related to public safety.

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